Under all circumstances

Extreme environments

Airpack specializes in manufacturing packages for extreme ambient conditions. We can make our packages suitable for operability in the most challenging environments, such as desert, arctic, elevated, earthquake and offshore areas. Below are some examples of measures we have taken to ensure long lifetime of our packages under extreme conditions.

Desert environment with +60°C ambient temperature and sand storms


Arctic environments with -50°C ambient temperatures and snow blizzards


Elevated areas with thin atmospheric air conditions


Earthquake sensitive areas


Corrosive environments


Hazardous area

Airpack packages can be made fully suitable for explosion proof requirements. We can apply all internationally recognized standards for explosion proof suitability. Below are some examples of packages with explosion proof equipment.


These are just some examples of environments we have experience with, are you facing a challenge which was not listed? Please contact us, our team is ready to help you find your solution!