We offer a complete range of air and gas dryers suitable for any application and environment. All our products can be customized to your specifications and requirements.

Airpack refrigerated dryer packages can be used when high dewpoints are allowed (lowest achievable is approximately 2˚C), they are therefore best suited in tropical environments. All our dryers are custom-engineered and can be designed to fit the required pressure and flow. Do you need a dryer with lower dewpoint? Check out our heatless or heated adsorption dryers or contact our sales team, they are ready to help you find your solution!


  • Suitable for area where high dewpoint is allowed
  • Best suited for tropical environments

Why choose an Airpack dryer package? This is why:

Reliable delivery of dry air and gas
At Airpack we strive to deliver quality products that will last for more than 25 years and require only standard maintenance. We do not just deliver the product but ensure it is commissioned and in working condition when we leave the site. We guarantee spare parts supply during the lifetime of the package and offer worldwide aftersales service in case of required maintenance or troubleshooting.

High quality products
Delivering high quality products is in our DNA! We know how important it is for our customers to have equipment that has a long lifetime and high performance. Airpack therefore only uses suppliers that deliver high quality materials and equipment. The packages are assembled and thoroughly tested in our workshop to make sure it is ready for operation on arrival.

Customized design
No application or environment or customer is the same. This is why we deliver products that are made according to your specifications and requirements. Do you have space restrictions, severe ambient conditions, is it difficult to do maintenance or do you have any other concern, we are ready to help you find a solution! Contact our sales team to discuss the options.

One responsible supplier
We can supply a full range of products, for example producing plant air, instrument air and high pressure nitrogen. The products can be placed on one common skid where all interconnecting piping, wiring and control systems are installed by Airpack. We take full responsibility and warranty for all items installed on the package. As a customer you only need to deal with one supplier during the entire lifetime of the package (including engineering and built up in project phase).

The following is a list of the available options to include on our dryers:

  • Anti-corrosion treatment
  • Control system with redundant and/or SIL certified PLC
  • ATEX explosion proof instrumentation and electrical, suitable for operation in Zone 1 or Zone 2 environment
  • Winterization enclosure, for extreme low ambient temperatures (down to -56ºC)
  • Tropicalization for extreme high ambient temperatures up to 60ºC


Is your request not listed? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!