Peter Warnar, CEO and founder of Airpack Netherlands started as a commissioning engineer in the Middle East in the early 70’s. He quickly learned that assembling installations in the field was a time consuming matter due to the long and difficult communication channels like Telex and fax. This, in combination with the costly repatriation of specialists, gave Peter the idea to assemble and test the units at a factory and ship them afterwards to save time and costs. His home country The Netherlands provided the ideal location to carry out this idea. Communication was more advanced, specialists were higher educated and the infrastructure of Holland allowed for easy international transportation.

To carry out his idea Peter started his own company in 1978 and named it Airpack. His first office was situated in a small historic house in the heart of Zierikzee, a scenic coastal town centered between Europe’s biggest seaports: Antwerp and Rotterdam. The manufacturing area was located nearby the office and measured 500 m². Now, 40 years later, the initial idea has proven to be very successful! Airpack has grown significantly and built a reputation as a trustworthy supplier of high quality products. We operate worldwide but are still located in Zierikzee in the industrial area close to the center of the town where it all started. The manufacturing facilities have grown substantially to a total floor area of 13,500 m². The offices are now located right beside the manufacturing halls and span a grand total of 2,400 m².

From the first air compressor and air dryer packages our scope of supply has expanded over the years and now include gas compressors and dryers, membrane and PSA type nitrogen generators and our newest addition: desulphurization packages. With this scope of supply, we are able to provide all the necessary utilities that our customers require. If you would like to know more about our products, please click here.